Music recommendation from @chrstinadarling

Dear Reader,

Music is an issue here on diablog and the posts titled “Resounding at the Engine Room” are nothing but. In an earlier post here, I encouraged you to stay current and gave you ideas how to do so.

True to those ideas, I asked the very real Christina via Twitter for music recommendations and whether she would allow us to put them up here.

Christina responded – thank you tons – and I am thus putting that up here as a guest post.

In her response the sent us the following:

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Coming to Glynsky’s defense

Dear Reader,

In my last post on diablog about Glynsky and A Capella music, I showered him with sarcasm. He deserves some credit though. Why, you ask? You are right, he doesn’t. But I’ll extend it to him anyway.

Let me make a bold statement:

British Pop Musik Has Been Dead For 15 Years

Now, let me explain further.

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Your way around the diablog – a manual

Dear Reader,

Why am I writing this?

Tonight, when I was sitting among my machines, peacefully puffing a cigar and listening to soothing music, the captain called me on deck to tear me a new one.
One of his buddies had phoned him and given him a hard time. About not finding his way around diablog, not immediately seeing the content he was interested in, so on and so forth.

Like most bosses, the captain let the s**t pour down and he finished by barking at me: “Only a first class moron delivers a machine without a manual. Write me a f***ing manual. NOW!”

I hadn’t time to point out our Q&A, the introductory 1st post and “Now what?“. The boss was not listening. Are they ever?

Anyway, I was sent back down to write a manual, the boss is always right, here it is, the diablog manual:

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