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Supposedly the internet was predominantly a source of information. The web 2.0 is supposed to be the social web. For me the internet has been social from the start, but that is not the issue. 

The main issue of this post is movies. Or better a new movie archive.

Glynsky and I are movie fans, thus the category. And we were quite excited, when the personal archives of Sash Fisher fell into Glynsky’s lap. We will continue to let you have a look from the treasure chest.

A few pieces we also added to the Internet Movie Database, a very rich source of information. But recently I stumbled over another source, one that actually might be a better place for Sash’s material:

Tempelhof soundtrack for EFG – European Film Gateway from Tempelhof on Vimeo.

The European Film Gateway is in part a project of Europeana, which diablog introduced to you here.

Hoping to add to your list of bookmarks and favorites through interesting links,
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Oscar Night – watching livestreams online

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Diablog is a movie fan, there is a category for movies. If you live in the US, watching the Oscars on Sunday is no problem, probably you are watching at an Oscar party anyway.
And as the World’s most watched TV event, internationally many TV stations are broadcasting it too. But once I was watching a foreign broadcast and the dubbing was horrible. What is your alternative?

Officially, the last events were not broadcasted online. But there were some websites, where one could find livestreams.

This year you can buyall access” for $4.99, Apple users can get an app for additional $0.99, it has been a bit more expansive to be a Steve Jobs fan. 

Alternative sources for live streams could be:

The sites are searchable, so you should be able to find a live stream there too.
Stay tuned,
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Your way around the diablog – a manual

Dear Reader,

Why am I writing this?

Tonight, when I was sitting among my machines, peacefully puffing a cigar and listening to soothing music, the captain called me on deck to tear me a new one.
One of his buddies had phoned him and given him a hard time. About not finding his way around diablog, not immediately seeing the content he was interested in, so on and so forth.

Like most bosses, the captain let the s**t pour down and he finished by barking at me: “Only a first class moron delivers a machine without a manual. Write me a f***ing manual. NOW!”

I hadn’t time to point out our Q&A, the introductory 1st post and “Now what?“. The boss was not listening. Are they ever?

Anyway, I was sent back down to write a manual, the boss is always right, here it is, the diablog manual:

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