Alcohol may double your life span and may help you resist stress, if you are a C elegans

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You have noticed, that our beloved Glynsky heavily depends upon outside sources. He refers to them as Christina and Michaela, and they are beautiful women. Pardon my coughing.

As the unofficial spirits guy at diablog I am very glad to bring you the newest scientific research regarding alcohol. This news comes via a female science enthusiast, Emily. In her tireless search for knowledge she found this article from The Register. Here is a – drastically shortened – quote of the good news:

… Scientists have proven that alcohol can double life-span…

… Moderate levels of alcohol delivered an increase in longevity among test subjects in a recent study …

… The booze boost was particularly strong for test subjects put under stressful conditions …

Now before you go all wild and grab the next liquor bottle, here comes the first impairment (quote):

… The ideal, life-extending brew doesn’t sound like the most appetizing cocktail: “The concentrations correspond to a tablespoon of ethanol in a bathtub full of water or the alcohol in one beer diluted into a hundred gallons of water,” …

If you followed the link and read the full article, you’d already know the worse part of the news, this is what the test subjects look like: Continue reading “Alcohol may double your life span and may help you resist stress, if you are a C elegans”

The Royal Society opening its Treasure Chest

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The beauty of the internet got a bit richer. Glynsky is publishing here on diablog under the label treasure chest the little treasures found in the estate of the late Sash Fisher. Of course, there are much bigger and maybe more important archives, waiting to be put online.

Last week the Royal Society, the oldest publisher of scientific news, opened its own treasure chest.
As announced in this press statement, the Royal Society put online all its old publications, everything older then 70 years.
The Royal Society cooperates with The not for profit organization, which came under a lot of criticism online after this stunt.

There is a search engine here, to help you find your personal treasures, whether it is something written by Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin or Isaac Newton.

I already know, what I will be searching for, besides early (1665-1666) experiments on to how to cool drinks “without the Help of Snow, Ice, Haile, Wind or Niter, and That at Any Time of the Year.”
As the drinks guy on diablog, I must read this.

What is your hobby or area of interest? What do you fancy?

Happy treasure hunting,
Engine Room

Nicolashka – How to defend against drinking games

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There is plenty of stuff about drinks, the spirits of life, on diablog.

And we always point out, you should only drink to enjoy.
Please, do not drink to get drunk.

Unfortunately, there are people trying to get others drunk.

The two most popular drinks for that are among younger crowds Red Bull Vodka, and generally the notorious Long Island Iced Tea. With both drinks one does not taste the alcohol. That makes them extremely dangerous. And the Long Island Iced Tea, with its equal parts vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and triple sec, is plain crazy.

So, Please, stay away from both!

If someone is trying to get you drunk, you should kindly reject.
But if for some reason you cannot, diablog gives you the best defense, the deadliest of all drinks:


The name gives it away, Nicolashka is a Russian drink, Czar Nikolaus II is credited with the invention.

What is it? And why is it the true killer? Continue reading “Nicolashka – How to defend against drinking games”

Campaign Financing – Taxes – Democracy

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Besides writing about the good things in life like Alfa Romeos, traveling, food and drinks, the authors of diablog sometimes criticize politics and politicians and comment on current events.

One recent event worth mentioning is billionaires from the USA, France and Germany calling for higher taxes on the rich.
Yes, your eyes are OK and your reading still good.
Warren Buffet, primary shareholder, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and one of the richest people in the world, has been doing so for years now.
(I recommend his annual letters to shareholders).
Over the last two weeks he was joined by dozens of ultra-rich people from France and Germany.

Opponents admit, it is a nice idea. But immediately say, it will not solve the problem of our states and nations being too deep in debt. Too little would come from it. And besides, it is not the rich people, but the corporations, which hardly pay any taxes at all. 25 of the top companies in the USA pay less in taxes, then they pay their CEOs.
All this blabla serves one purpose only: divert attention to prevent change.

Three major problems are troubling our Western, capitalistic societies:

1. Our governments spent more, than they take in each and every year

2. Optimizing or evading taxes is a huge business for CPAs and lawyers and banks and financial advisors

3. Campaign financing and lobbying by corporations, associations ensures, that no politician dares touching tax reform.

Would you bite the hand that feeds you?

I would like to confront you with ideas. And I hope to get feedback from you. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, maybe you are? I do hope so.

Here is the scenario: Continue reading “Campaign Financing – Taxes – Democracy”

Hangover – how come and how to fight it

Dear Reader,

Inspired by some lady suffering from a hangover – no, I’m not mentioning names – I found it high time to share some information about it. Writing about drinks on diablog, I feel some responsibility too.

As I wrote many times before: Do not drink to get drunk!

I know what I am talking about, since I have done more than my “fair share” of drinking, even binge drinking, drinking contests and pretty much all other stupid things one can, but should NOT, do with alcoholic beverages.

If you have been drinking and are suffering through a hangover, there are two likely reasons:

  1. quantity
  2. quality

Drinking too much of any alcoholic beverage can lead to a hangover.
Your body is dehydrated, your brain did not get enough oxygen and your brain is on withdraw. Alcohol is a drug, and your brain does not like going from a full trip to zero, cold turkey.

Another reason for a hangover can be poor quality.
If you had drinks of poor quality, the most probable cause for your hangover are fusel oils. Fusel oils reduce heart activity even more and thus, reduce the amount of oxygen transported to your brain. That leads to head ache. If you buy high quality drinks, the fusel oils have been filtered out and you are less likely to suffer from hangover.

If your hangover is caused by wine, there is another possible reason: sulfurization.
Sulfur is used to conserve wine and to clean wine casks. If your vineyard used too much or did not clean properly, some sulfur or sulfur dioxide ends up in the wine and that can cause hangover too.

So, after we know the probable causes, what can you do? Continue reading “Hangover – how come and how to fight it”

Scotland – discovering Single Malts

Dear Reader,

Here on diablog I had started to tell you about my Scotland trip and why I love it. As promised, here is more.

Nobody goes to Scotland for the weather, it is rather cold. The warmest months are May and August. If you come in August, be prepared to have some other tourists around, the Highland Games are on everywhere.

Most tourists come to Scotland for one of the following reasons:

  1. Golf
  2. Fishing
  3. Castles
  4. Whiskey

Our reasons were #3 and #4. I am not going to bother you with castles, you can find plenty of information at The National Trust for Scotland or check the Wikidedia list of Scottish Castles. Only one thing, if you follow the coast, you will find many impressive Tower Houses like those two:

Spirits are my thing, Single Malt in particular. So let me tell you, how I found my then favorite, in Inverurie of all places. Continue reading “Scotland – discovering Single Malts”